Amatsu and Indigestion



Indigestion, bloating abdominal discomfort and acid reflux all respond very well to Amatsu treatment.

We are well aware that prolonged stress and exhaustion can seriously affect our digestive system. Eating a poor diet and the wrong type of foods can also have an impact on the health of our stomach. However this is not the whole story.

Physically, any restriction in the area just below the central ribcage will have a major impact on the stomach’s mobility and its ability to churn up food properly. There is a sphincter muscle at the top of the stomach which closes after eating to keep the contents from spilling out back up into the oesophagus, the tube in which the food travels from the mouth to the stomach. Very simply, tension in and around this area can affect the working of this sphincter resulting in acid reflux problems and indigestion. Emotions, particularly grief and upset, affect this area too - the solar plexus, the seat of our emotions, also lies here.

Spinal problems in the neck can alter the nerve and blood supply to the stomach and other organs of digestion, making proper function very difficult. Problems with the thoracic (middle to upper back) region, perhaps caused by injury or previous acute respiratory illness, can affect the mobility of the ribcage and diaphragm and consequently the stomach which lies just below.

Bloating, or water retention, is generally caused by tension and dysfunction of the main lower back muscles. These muscles lie near to the kidneys, the organs which regulate the amount of water we have in our body. In order for the kidneys to work properly, they need to be able to move freely. This becomes difficult when situated next to a large mass of tight, rigid muscle. However, when the muscle is released and the root cause eliminated (refined food in the diet or dehydration usually), the kidneys start to work optimally again, excess water is passed out of the body in the urine and bloating subsides.

All the physical factors outlined above have been treated very effectively using Amatsu therapy.

More recent studies* have shown that indigestion is one of the first signs of chronic water shortage in the body. In the majority of cases, indigestion can be relieved completely and within only ten minutes by nothing more than two large (half pint) glasses of still water.
A far better alternative to antacids, most importantly because you are giving the body what it is crying out for. Better still, drink plenty of water every day to avoid the problems completely.

*The body’s many cries for water’ by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj.