Amatsu and Osteoarthritis



Arthritis comes in many forms and can be one of the most debilitating diseases. Orthodox treatments have proven unsatisfactory and unable to cure it. There is no quick and easy solution because the complexity of the causes of the disease means that only individualised therapy can really help treat it. However, there IS hope for the sufferer who has a real desire to get better and will persist with patience to obtain it.

Amatsu treatments have provided much relief from the symptoms of osteoarthritis. If joints are out of position, there will be friction on areas of the bones where there shouldn’t be friction, resulting over many years in degeneration, or arthritis. The body is designed so that, if aligned properly, there is enough padding in the appropriate places to protect against normal wear and tear. When the body goes out of kilter, the problems begin. The body loses it’s alignment for a variety of reasons -poor diet, injury, viruses and illnesses, postural problems, repetitive strains and sprains to name but a few.

Amatsu can realign the joints so that the pressure is taken off the areas that are ‘rubbing’ together. Once the joint is re-positioned, the body has the best possible chance of regenerating and healing the affected bone surfaces. Accompanying stiffness can also be improved so that overall joint and therefore body mobility increases and pain reduces.

More recent theories on arthritis are suggesting that the pain comes from the soft tissue only, rather than the bone, so that if we can relieve the tension in the soft tissue around the joint, we should be able to lessen the degree of pain. The techniques used in Amatsu treatments are able to address specifically these problems in the soft tissues.

The degree of relief achieved depends on the severity of the arthritis, how long it has been established and how much the sufferer is able and willing to change diet and lifestyle. There is no doubt that the wrong diet is a major detrimental influence to arthritis. There is now evidence* that shows years of chronic water dehydration in the body is a major cause of arthritis. General recommendations of no refined or processed foods, caffeine, chocolate, sugar and saturated fats and consumption of plenty of water are applicable here, but there are also other dietary factors and dietary supplements which can be explored in some cases. Magnets can also be very effective for pain relief.

Once under control, regular maintenance treatments can keep the symptoms of arthritis at bay and for those of us without this terrible disease, give us protection against developing it.

*The body’s many cries for water by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj.