Clients Feedback

December 2018

Amazing treatment, I am over 55 years old with lots of health issues from a car crash and a stroke. This treatment is like osteo for muscles and tissue but also much more. It has revived my weary body, I have more energy and feel much more awake and have a better functioning body. I would totally recommend Amatsu for old and new problems. Would be a great gift to someone!Hazel Norris, Cardiff

J.H. January 2017

I went for Amatsu treatment for lower back pain, especially when standing for long periods. It has significantly reduced my pain by helping to realign my lower back and pelvis. I know when I am due for my next treatment when the pain returns and I have once again become misaligned through poor posture.

Helen Y., Cardiff October 2018

Stephan was very helpful when I did my back in and could not get up. He helped me to get moving again. Thanks!

D.P. December 2017

Amatsu had a profound effect on my physical, emotional and general well-being. A very professional approach from the therapist in a bright, relaxing environment. I don’t believe that there is always a single solution to a problem as the answer for treating all conditions. In my view is Synergism, the integration of many modalities, that is needed to truly individualise patient wellness. Amatsu has certainly achieved that in my case.

M. B. October 2016

Thanks again for yesterday’s treatment. I was absolutely fine this morning then my ribs started to ache a bit in the afternoon. Around 4pm all of a sudden I felt so tired I had to go home for a nap... very strange! I've been fine since though. My lower back feels great!

M. S. September 2016

My back and shoulder muscles feel much freer and looser. I don't know if it is coincidence but I did not get up in the night to go to the toilet as I usually do. Again, after the session, I had a really good nights' sleep.

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