Clients Feedback

Haden Barnes, Hereford March 2019

Before I had Amatsu, it was hell for me pretty much every day. I would wake up with a headache then take painkillers and it would go then but it would be back again later that day. I have seen my doctor, been for acupuncture, sports massage, chiropractor and various other massages to try and sort the problem out. I was hesitant upon starting Amatsu due to all the other treatments not working and me basically throwing money away, but I’m so glad I did as I walk away from every session feeling lighter and more mobile and in fact, since the first session my headaches have stopped completely! I used to also suffer from pain in the back of my knee or my shoulder which were caused by years of playing rugby, but after a series of treatments with Stephan, I can finally rotate my arm without hearing any crunching or grinding and the knee pain has gone too.

Marcia Hopkins, Hereford March 2019

I came to Amatsu as I was walking unsteadily and had discomfort in my hip following a knee replacement operation 4 years ago. I’d tried therapeutic massage and chiropractic. The massage helped a bit, but the chiropractic treatment didn’t. Through having Amatsu, I have realised that a long-standing whiplash injury to my right shoulder has really affected my neck and probably by hip and knee on the same side. I think that anyone with a holistic approach to bodily health would benefit from Amatsu. I have found Amatsu a very interesting form of therapy that combines mobilisation and balancing of joints and muscles in order to correct and thereby co-ordinate the function of the skeletal system. It has been very helpful to me.

Hazel Norris, Cardiff March 2019

My life was in suspension after suffering a stroke over 5 years ago and my body was not recovering to normal. This was very frustrating and thought this was as good as I was going to get until I discovered Amatsu. I had had a lot of physiotherapy which made huge improvements, but I still couldn't sustain certain tasks like sweeping, digging and carrying heavier items. I stumbled upon Amatsu when my physiotherapist suggested I have massages to loosen my muscles and I saw an advert for Amatsu and wondered what it was. After some research I was intrigued, believed Amatsu could indeed help me and simply had to have a go. Amatsu really helped me, I can now sweep, dig and carry buckets of water to my animals on my small holding. The biggest surprise was that there were even more benefits - I had increased energy, slept better, much happier, clearer mind and improved bodily functions. I would recommend Amatsu to everyone as it has proved to be a whole-body improvement experience. My body has improved so much I have encouraged my elderly family members to have Amatsu treatment. All have seen a benefit in their general well-being as well as physical improvements. Amatsu has made all the difference to me, giving back long-lost hope of a normal life. I will ensure I have periodic treatment to keep my body and mind well maintained. I will always be grateful for what Amatsu has done for me and my family.

Gill Dayson, Hereford March 2019

I first came to try Amatsu for back and shoulder pain. I always had ankle pain as a result of flat feet but didn't think anything could be done for that. In the past I had been to a cranial osteopath, which worked well for me but was no longer conveniently placed. I had tried a sports osteopath, but it made me feel worse. I didn't know what to expect when I started having Amatsu, but I thought it was worth trying something different. Having Amatsu solved my original problem almost completely and made me feel more balanced and as a side effect the pain in my ankles went as well.

H. D. Adams, Longtown May 2018

I bought a session for my husband (who had a biceps tendon issue that was bothering his serving for tennis AND a sore knee). I also got myself a session and felt great afterward - my hip tendon let go and my legs were the same length again... I loved the approach, which was very holistic and used a combination of techniques that I have used before. The funny thing is that my husband didn't think he got any benefit, but the next day he came out of the pool and was so excited because he had done the crawl for the first time in months (his shoulder hurt too much to do anything but back stroke); then at his tennis match the next day, his knee didn't hurt, and his serve was not painful anymore! Hmmm.... I'm sure that had nothing to do with your session with Stephan. Thanks for getting him back on the court!

Ben Daffurn, Hereford October 2018

I had a session with Stephan in Hereford. I’ve had back and neck pain for years now but after the session I was amazed that it had all gone! I was standing straight and my posture was much better! Very impressed!

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