Clients Feedback

A.H. January 2017

Amatsu helped me to relax, particularly the muscles in the neck and shoulders. The treatment has reduced the severity and frequency of my previously chronic migraine attacks and Stephan showed me pressure points to help relieve associated nausea.

R.W. November 2017

I've had a number of Amatsu treatments from Stephan now and can highly recommend him. He is very professional, and I have every confidence in him. I come away from an Amatsu treatment feeling very relaxed, and as if my posture has been reset. It is having a really beneficial effect on my mental and physical wellbeing.

S. M. November 2016

Thanks for yesterday's Amatsu session. Nothing specific to report other than an improved sense of wellbeing , and a looser feel to back and shoulder muscles. I always look forward to the therapy.

G. D. May 2018

Stephan is very professional and explains everything clearly. I really felt the benefit of my session and I will be going again!

D. F. July 2016

I don't know what you did to my back but it's been much better since!

M. S. September 2016

My back and shoulder muscles feel much freer and looser. I don't know if it is coincidence but I did not get up in the night to go to the toilet as I usually do. Again, after the session, I had a really good nights' sleep.